Apr 17, 2021

5 Tips that helps you find your next job adventure in crypto space

5 Tips that helps you find your next job adventure in crypto space
Finding a new job in times of COVID or crypto space as a whole: can be quite a challenge. But is that really so? In the crypto space, many jobs and assignments are remote, but what if you would like to work at that one company that is looking for staff on location? CryptoJobs World has 5 golden tips to find your dream job in no time and to embark on a new adventure.

Tip 1: Find out what suits you before you start looking for the next challenge
You spend a lot of hours of your life on work, so it is nice if you find work that suits you. But how do you find out what you are looking for actually suits you? Make a wish list for yourself and use it to check vacancies. Below are examples of questions:
  1. What do I find important about a job?

  2. Which (secondary) employment conditions do I find important?
    For example, travel allowance, salary / payment in crypto, hardware from the employer or drinks.

  3. What kind of activities would I like to do?

  4. What do I ultimately want to achieve and what is needed to develop myself?

  5. What kind of work environment do I prefer to work in?
Be aware that it is a wish list but don't let it influence your choices. It helps you look for a new challenge, but it can also help you negotiate a contract. Be open minded;)

Tip 2: Do your research if you are looking for another job
Do you now know what your wishes are for a job in fintech or crypto? Good job, it is nice to have in mind what you want. But what if the vacancy text is not entirely clear, or does not meet your most wishes? Do not immediately click away and investigate, you may find important aspects that fit your dream job. You can do the following:

Pay attention to the company's website, what kind of feeling does it make you feel? Perhaps the employees on the team page make you feel good? There may be interesting videos, reviews or blogs on the company website that make it attractive. What also helps is contacting, perhaps by telephone or viewing employee profiles on LinkedIn? This often already evokes certain feelings when you contact them.

Tip 3: Be flexible when you are looking for a new job
Finding a new job requires a good dose of perseverance, but above all flexibility. Suppose you envision a career at an exchange or NFT marketplace as Head Compliance Officer or Lead Financial Platform Development. These are not functions that can be reached easily and quickly. There is little chance that you will end up here quickly (no, we do not want to discourage you). However, that does not mean that you cannot already work towards that goal. There are always alternative routes:

1Take a broader view of the sector
The top positions at triple A companies will come. Take a look at other crypto companies, they may offer a similar function or one that is a bit lower. It can help enormously to focus on that first.

2. A job as a skill booster
Look for a job where you can develop important skills that you need for your dream job. As a UI / UX Designer, for example, blockchain companies ask for your portfolio, which can be names, designs or references. It can help immensely to work for companies serving a variety of clients for a while, or sign up on a freelance platform to build your portfolio.

Tip 4: Networks, networks and more networks
The more people know that you are looking for a new job, the more likely it is that someone can help you. It is important that you know what you want, your wishes are and that you have a clear knowledge of what you have. The clearer your pitch is, the more likely people are to do their best for you. Tell your family, friends and acquaintances. But the most important in the crypto sector are websites like https://cryptojobs.world/ but also LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives you the option to indicate that you are looking for a new challenge. Or write a post on your profile so that your network can see that you are looking.

Tip 5: Know that no career path is the same
The last tip that cryptojobs wants to give you is; By simply trying out growth, development and things you will find out what really suits you or not. Several roads lead to Rome. It is important that you feel good about it, even if you find out during a job interview or contract negotiation that something does not suit you, that you indicate this during the interview. HRM or CEOs are also just people, they also have empation and feeling, it may also help them further with the next candidate.

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