Aug 18, 2021

6 cryptocurrency job opportunities to start a career

6 cryptocurrency job opportunities to start a career
Now bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain are many common words for everyone, we all hear it all the time in social media or news. So many of us have a quite good interest in this digital currency.

For those who want to enter the crypto market? There are thousands of jobs waiting for grabs. Blockchain developers are the hottest demand these days. Those who have the skill to navigate this technology are in high demand.

But for these amazing job opportunities, one has to have the acquired hard skills such as Java, machine learning, Python, (AI), C/C++, Node.js, and Amazon web services, etc. But also need some skill you may find unusual like communication or problem-solving skills.

A survey conducted in South Korea in May 2021 shows that about 23.6 percent of university students have invested in cryptocurrencies. Some of them are seeking career opportunities.

Career opportunities in cryptocurrency

Over the years cryptocurrency job opportunities are rising. If you have the specialized skill, knowledge, and experience in technical fields you can start a career in cryptocurrency. We listed up 6 jobs opportunities in bitcoin and blockchain.

Financial analyst
As now people are knowing about digital currency, they showing investment interest. The financial analyst usually holds a university bachelor, a license and is certified by CFA. Financial analysts recommend investment opportunities, evaluate risk. They help the client make strategies to invest in. The job requires deep knowledge about the political situation, economic trends, regulation, and sound financial strategies.

Blockchain developer
Blockchain developers are now in high demand. It is the fastest-growing sector. The easy way to say that a blockchain developer works with blockchain technology. They are responsible for optimizing blockchain protocol, developing smart contracts, Design the network architecture. It’s a lot of responsibilities so a developer must have to learn as much as possible blockchain skills.

Software development
As blockchain technology is rising,  many job opportunities are opening. The software developer is one of them. These jobs need to specify and a deep understanding of technology, designing and implementing business applications, computer security, and algorithm development. Software developers can make an idea into valuable assets.

Crypto content writer
crypto content writer's job is to write informative articles about cryptocurrency. Any basic content writer who has a passion for cryptocurrency can write crypto content. But you have got the preferable skill first such as how blockchain technology work, and also have social media and digital marketing experience. The crypto-based company always looking for a writer who can ensure that people keep interested in blockchain technology.

Data analyst
Blockchain data analyst considers the best-paid career path. They need math skills, engineering knowledge, coding skills cause probably have to build tools to help them process the wealth. They are responsible for predict trends, demand, and trending volume of any number of cryptocurrencies. Data scientists hold master's degrees in data or computers and need to have strong communication skills.

UX design
According to a LinkedIn report, UX design considers as one of the top five skills. UX designers in the U.S. earn an average of $74,568 per year.

It is a high-paid skill in 2021.

‘The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable”
— Blake Ross, Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox

Blockchain technology is also a top skill, so you know the mix of two skills would be great.

Related career
Since blockchain consider is a top skill, there are many job opportunities available in the industry. One can have a higher pay scale than any other similar job but needed to have the required skills. Some jobs require programming languages like java, c++, and javascript. Here are some related career

  • Security engineer
  • Research analyst
  • Web developer
  • Business development
  • Blockchain Project Manager
What types of jobs do you want in the crypto world? That depends on the skills you required. But most of the crypto jobs required some hard skills. We don’t know what it's gonna be like 5 to 10 years. But now it's one of the popular job sectors.

As we know blockchain technology getting popular as time pass. We can assume it's gonna be in demand and years and years to come. It is not like you have to have the technical skill to have a job in the blockchain, there are many other jobs facilities to explore.

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