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SWN Global OÜ (SWN) is an Estonia based Blockchain and Exchange Company. They have recently launched the mainnet of MUI MetaBlockchain along with MUI MetaWallet. MUI MetaBlockchain is a finance specific blockchain. It is a newly designed blockchain for CBDC generation based on years of joint research and development between SWN and the University of Southern California. In MUI MetaBlockchain, multiple Bank Node can publish their own digital currency and have their own blockchain. However, they can share the Bank Node for the consensus protocol. MUI MetaBlockchain overcomes the trilemma problem of blockchain by having hybrid architecture. For micropayments, we use a token-based model where Bank Nodes become the publisher and clearinghouse of tokenized digital cash. We provide significantly faster transactions and the ability to scale suitably for country-wide usage by the central bank and participating commercial banks.

SWN plans to build the first-ever digital stock exchange on top of the MUI MetaBlockchain Network. Companies can publish their tokenized stocks and users can purchase the stocks with digital currency. To become a bank node operator in the MUI MetaBlockchain, MUI staking is required. Central Bank node also has to guarantee the various transaction fees for the published digital currency and digital assets. The treasury of MUI MetaBlockchain will accumulate the profits of the operation and distribute the profit to various bank nodes and mobile nodes based on the combination of proof-of-contribution and proof-of-stake protocol. The treasury funds the algorithmic central bank of the MUI central bank node to regulate the circulating volumes of the MetaMUI coins.

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