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THORChain is a decentralized cross-chain automated market maker (AMM) exchange that allows users to trade spot tokens across blockchains. It enables traders to swap tokens across various Layer 1 blockchains without taking on counterparty or custody risk.


THORWallet is the official community wallet of THORChain, a non-custodial iOS and Android wallet that integrates all DeFi features of the THORChain blockchain such as efficient decentralized swaps, liquidity providing or decentralized lending & borrowing. We also call it Robinhood of DeFi.

THORWallet is seeking a Chief Growth Officer (CGO) to oversee our business growth and accelerate our impact. The CGO is a new role and will be a senior role on our Leadership Team.

The CGO blends expertise in digital sales, digital product development, marketing and finance to achieve the business' strategic objectives. The CGO takes responsibility for analyzing customer interactions, monitoring their behavior across our website and apps. Analytical insights are valuable; but knowing what to do with it is critical. The CGO will take relevant information and create or refine strategies across all functions optimizing growth. The CGO will work closely with the Chief Product Officer to develop applications that are demanded by the market.

Job details

In this function you will be responsible for the following:

Understand crypto market trends

By staying ahead of emerging crypto market trends, the CGO can optimize internal processes, reduce costs but most importantly keep the needs of the customer at the center of business activities.

Our CGO must carry out market research that informs him about their business strengths, weaknesses, any opportunities that present themselves and the threats to future growth. Combined with day to day business analysis, the CGO can then effectively plan long-term business growth.

Execute on global growth campaign

The CGO will design the strategic plan together with the CEO on which markets to focus the marketing and expansion efforts, whereas the focus will be mainly Europe and LATAM.

Data driven growth approach

The CGO will use its ability to analyze large datasets of user data, financial data and market data to create reports on user growth, yield and market opportunities.

Communicate the vision

The CGO will be able to communicate and share the vision of THORWallet at every level of the company as well as external stakeholders so that each individual understands the value they have and will work in unison towards business growth.

Growing community & active customers

Having an understanding of what a community and customer wants, building trust with them and listening to their needs are vital skills of our CGO. Taking this further, a CGO must be able to examine if the business is capable of delivering on the consumer need and if not adjust strategies accordingly. This work helps with both customer acquisition and long-term retention.

Treasury Advice

The CGO will work closely with the CEO and will provide strategic advice on how to maximize the return of THORWallet’s treasury to ensure a viable long term financing.

Harness THORChain’s Technology

THORWallets CGO will work in partnership with the technology team. By understanding the current technology and its limitations, smart investments can be made to aid growth opportunities of the business.

Improve internal process

A CGO should work to understand all of the needs of the employee and allow them the space to improve their productivity. Empowering them to create solutions increases motivation and helps to develop processes that truly serves our customers. Ultimately improving long-term retention of employees and customers.

For you to become part of THORWallet’s journey, we require the following set of experience:

·       Master’s degree(s) in Finance, Business Administration or Business Technology with outstanding grades

·       Excellent business and technological understanding of Fintech, Blockchain & DeFi

·       Strong knowledge of the crypto ecosystem, previous crypto experience is a must

·       Relevant experience in growth hacking for a tech startup

·       Effectively managed an agile team of 10+ persons

·       Strong data analytical skills, preferably with code

·       Robust process understanding from the content and technical IT perspective

·       Proficient MS Office and advanced Python

·       Fluency in English and Spanish, knowledge of German is a plus

How to Apply

At THORWallet, our people make the difference. We look forward to receiving your full application (CV, Motivation Letter, Reference Letters and Diplomas).

Direct applications will be prioritised in comparison to such from recruitment agencies. Contact us on


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